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We are confident that the Sundog family offers the best in ethical pet care. We strive to be not only responsible and humane with our clients, but to support local communities by providing education and resources for pet owners and families in NYC.

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Dog Training
Dog Walking NYC
Pet Sitting
Sitting and Boarding

Our world revolves around your pet, so you can enjoy wherever life takes you worry-free. You will know your pet is safe and happy, getting daily enrichment with someone who knows them almost as well as you do! During a Stay-cation , your Sundog will enjoy the same attentive care, exercise and socialization they enjoy while you are home (and then some). 

Sundogs may enjoy:

  • puzzle toys and interactive meals

  • long leash or off-leash playtime

  • sleeping on the bed

  • playdates with other Sundogs

  • bellyrubs

  • learning new tricks

  • running

  • excursions into "nature"

  • new toys

Walking​​ and Enrichment

We are not your average walkers! Sundogs deserve the best, and that means customized care that feeds your dog's body and soul. Our individually designed enrichment and exercise plans help relieve anxiety and boredom and prevent dogs from developing behavior problems.

  • Urban Express: 30 min 

  • Urban Enrichment: 60 min

  • Urban Epic: 90 min


Discounts available for clients booking at least 3 walks per week. 



Sundog wants you to have the best possible relationship with your pet- one built on a foundation of trust and mutual understanding. We offer detailed, step by step instructions for house training, jumping, leash-pulling and common training problems. We also offer behavior consulting and behavior modification for anxiety, fear and reactivity.

  • ​​Private sessions: Build your relationship with your pet and teach you to train your perfect companion.

  • Day Training: Let me do the work while you are at work! One-on-one sessions to teach and proof new behaviors.

  • Stay & Train: Way better than traditional boarding- let your pup spend the whole day learning in a real-world, highly distracting environment. Can your dog respond to cues even in the presence of high levels of distraction? Available on select dates with prior approval. 

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