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We are confident that the Sundog family offers the best in ethical pet care. We strive to be not only responsible and humane with our clients, but to support local communities by providing education and resources for pet owners and families in NYC.



Sundog wants you to have the best possible relationship with your pet- one built on a foundation of trust and mutual understanding. We offer detailed, step by step instructions for house training, jumping, leash-pulling and common training problems. We also offer behavior consulting and behavior modification for anxiety, fear and reactivity.

  • ​​Private sessions: Build your relationship with your pet and teach you to train your perfect companion. Online and outdoors.

  • Day Training: Let me do the work while you work! One-on-one sessions to teach and proof new behaviors.


With the social distancing recommendations and quarantine necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been adapting our training to an online learning platform. To our surprise, we love it!


Online training allows our client dogs the opportunity to focus fully on their humans, without being distracted by exciting new people or other dogs. Your trainer gets to demonstrate the exercises in real time with their own dogs, and the real time coaching and recorded sessions means you can always revisit the exercises. 


Once a foundation is established, switching to in-person coaching while maintaining social distance is easy!

Explanation of Services & Cancellation Policy

Training Services:

Training services are billed at an hourly or prepaid package rate. Additional time will be rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes and billed at the full, undiscounted rate. 


Cancellations and changes for Training Services can be made free of charge up until 48 hours before the scheduled service.

The full price of the session will be charged for cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled date and time or for any sessions which cannot be rescheduled within 48 hours at the trainer's discretion and subject to availability.


Extended Care Services:

Extended Care for Board & Train, Stay & Train and Pet Sitting services are billed per calendar day, regardless of arrival or departure time.

Constant Care services are billed hourly, starting at the commencement of care.

Special Events are billed hourly including travel time to and from the event. Constant Care and Special Events will be billed the full hourly rate for any portion of an hour.

Additional charges for arrivals, departures, drop-offs and pickups before 9am and after 7pm may apply.


Changes or cancellations for extended services such as Board & Train, Stay & Train and Pet Sitting can be made free of charge until 14 days prior the date of service. Cancellations made within 7-14 days are subject to a fee of 25% of the total value (up to 7 days). Cancellations made within 7 days, including cancellations due to early returns are subject to a 50% total value OR 50% of 7 days, whichever is less.

In the event that travel delays require services to be extended beyond the agreed time, the daily or hourly rate will continue to apply, except in cases where the trainer has already left or cannot extend daily or overnight services. In that case, you may be billed at the hourly rate for drop-in visits until other arrangements can be made.

Reasonable accommodation for injury, illness or Covid-related travel restrictions will be considered.

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