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Sundog Pet Care was founded in 2017 by two New York City natives- together we have over 25 years of professional experience working with urban animals. Our goal is to foster the best possible relationships between people and their pets by taking a holistic approach to canine behavior and enrichment by creating training and exercise plans that emphasize communication and individual needs.

Chelsea Kronick,CPDT-KA

Chelsea is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and Hampshire College Graduate. She has been training and working with horses and dogs professionally since 2004 and has developed a holistic approach that balances each aspect from socialization to nutrition, environmental enrichment and exercise. Her experience with training and behavior modification has resulted in successful performance and pleasure horses, as well as therapy  and service dogs, animal actors and numerous pets. She loves training puppies and high drive dogs, and focuses on solid foundation behaviors essential for pet, sport and service dogs.

Chelsea is a Brooklyn native who grew up walking her childhood dogs through Prospect Park. She has seen first hand the way that dog park culture has changed over the last few decades. Still living close to the park, you will sometimes find her running the trails, hiking Mount Prospect or enjoying the lawns with her Japanese Chin or any number of client dogs who come to visit.

Zach Glucksman

Zach has been professionally working with canine companions of every size, breed, and temperament since 2011. Working with some of the eminent dog trainers in the world, boutique NYC dog care companies as well as service and celebrity dogs has honed his ability to understand canine behavior in a wide variety of situations. With a focus on solid loose leash mechanics and enriching walks, he has helped many an urban pooch manage reactive tendencies and redirect their attention in a positive and productive way. Fun tricks, and constructive playtime are just a part of the urban adventure!

As a native New Yorker, Zach grew up asking friendly passersby if he could pet their dogs and as a result his parents eventually set up a trip to North Shore Animal League for a pup of his own. A graduate of Union College and holder of a B.A. in East Asian Studies, his passion for our furry friends and his interest in animal behavior eventually returned to change the direction of his career. Since choosing the other end of the leash, his life has in the best kind of way gone to the dogs.

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