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At Sundog, we specialize in uniquely crafted training, exercise and enrichment plans for city dogs. We are now offering live training sessions in-person and on a digital platform.

We understand the importance of a holistic approach in raising the happiest and best companion dogs in the world!


As the needs of your pet and your family evolve, Sundog offers individual and life-stage specific weekly and monthly packages that adapt to your schedule! 

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Sundogs deserve the best, and what could be better than customized care that feeds your dog's body and soul. Our individually designed enrichment and exercise plans are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your dog, addressing existing behavior problems and preventing new ones from developing.

Chelsea helped us understand Barry so much better! She helped us see Barry's good instincts and work with them not against them to teach him good behaviors. We worked on crate training, leash pulling, playing on the long line and manners when we have guests over, among many other things! 
-Tierney S.

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